The Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine

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The Ultimate People Magnet!

People can’t resist the sight of someone inside the cube, grabbing desperately at the swirling money! Before you know it, you’ll have a line of eager contestants ready for their chance to enter the Money Machine.

Powered by a high velocity electric blower connected to the back of unit, the Money Machine gives contestants 30 seconds to grab at the prizes flying around them. Included with your rental or purchase of the Money Machine is a stack of faux cash and protective eye wear.

Dozens of Models for Every Budget!

Our Money Machines are available in multiple design styles including the hard case, inflatable and collapsible.

Hard Case Money Machines come fully equipped with all the “bells and whistles” for a high energy gaming environment. Made from metal and clear lexan glass, each hard case cash cube shines with a high gloss metallic finish. The digital LED scrolling message board displays your marketing message for all to see.

Inflatable Money Machines feature a durable body that can be anchored for outside or indoor use. The unique frame attracts all types of viewers and players. The Inflatable Money Machine is perfect for both kids and adults. It’s impossible to miss!

Octagon Money Machines are budget friendly, light-weight, collapsible and fit in the trunk of a car.
Money Machines are available for rent or purchase. Each machine can be custom branded with your casino’s logo and marketing message in full color graphics.

Still have questions about Promotional Money Machines? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.

Promotional Products and Casino Giveaways

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Maximize Brand Identity with Promotional Products!

What happens at the casino stays at the casino…unless it comes back in the form of your logo on a sleek Thermos, USB car charger or a handy flashlight that your patrons can use once back at home. With just a glance at these custom branded promotional items, your customers will be reminded of all the fun and excitement your gaming establishment has to offer!

Business cards, fliers and brochures are a marketing technique of the past. Promotional products serve as an effective marketing tool to help you drive traffic to your website and maximize conversation. Printed with your business contact information, web address or QR code, promotional products will steer potential business directly to your website.

Quantities and Prices for Every Business Size!

Our high quality promotional products are available in small and large quantities. We pride ourselves on quick turn-around times and a seamless design process. Best of all, our promotional products are priced at an incredible value to ensure you get the most for your money.

Still have questions about promotional products? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.

The Prize Vault

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Can You Crack the Code?

Add a new twist to your gaming floor with the Prize Vault. Fill it with stacks of cash or luxury promotional items and challenge your guests to crack the code and win the contents!

The Prize Vault is a clear, Plexiglass safe that you fill with high value prizes for your customers to try and win. With a 4 to 6-digit prize vault code, there are millions of possible combinations. The Prize Vault creates loads of anticipation and excitement! Who will be the lucky winner to crack the code?

We also offer jack pot insurance worth up to $10,000 so you won’t be responsible for a penny of the payout if a lucky contestant wins.

Fully Customizable!

Available for rent or purchase, the Prize Vault can be custom branded with your casino or gaming establishment’s logo in full color, eye-popping graphics. For increased exposure, add a custom branded pedestal to display your Prize Vault.

Still have questions about The Prize Vault? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.

Customizable Scratch Off Cards

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Scratch and Win!

If you’ve ever played the lottery, you know how much fun it is to scratch the sparkly coating, revealing the big prize! Using Scratch-Off Cards for your casino giveaways will give your guests this same thrill. Use Scratch-Off Cards as invitations to your casino or gaming establishment. You will be surprised at how many people flock to redeem their prize!

Fully Customizable!

Scratch-Off Cards are designed to order with a 10-12 business day lead time. You’ll collaborate with one of our graphic designers to modify size, shape, graphics and colors. You can also customize the level of game complexity with up to ten prize levels, leaving you in complete control over the winnings.

Still have questions about Scratch Off Cards? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.